Faculty/Staff travel - The chair bears the main responsibility for implementing the Baylor travel policies and procedures within the department and for making sure that the department has the funds to pay for legitimate travel expenses. - This includes responsibility for:

  • Communicating the Baylor travel policy to all faculty and staff within the department. -- Click here for information regarding Baylor's travel policies and procedures.
  • Pre-approving trips - The chair should approve departmental travel before the trip.- The staff or faculty member should complete a travel authorization form. - The chair should make sure the funds will be available to cover the trip; then the form should be signed by the chair and a copy should be filed in a central departmental location.
  • Reviewing and approving travel expenses - The chair is responsible for reviewing travel expenses and making sure they comply with the Baylor travel policies and procedures.Once the chair approves a travel expense report, he/she is responsible for forwarding it to accounts payable so that the traveler can be reimbursed.

The Chair's travel - The chair's own travel is pre-approved by the dean via a travel authorization form. The chair's travel expenses are reported via a travel expense report to the dean's office at the end of each trip. All forms are available on Baylor's Travel and Entertainment Policies and Procedures web page.