Issuing an honorarium voucher

Some departments like to hand deliver checks to speakers, performers and other vendors. Accounts Payable discourages this practice because these checks are often lost. If you must hand deliver a check, please follow these guidelines:
  • Note in the TRAX voucher comments that you will be picking up the check - otherwise the check may not be prepared until up to twenty days after the invoice date.

  • Give Accounts Payable one or two week's notice -- Documentation is due to the Accounts Payable by 3:00 p.m. on the day before the check run.

    Consistent with the current process, vouchers and/or invoice support submitted to the Accounts Payable Office by 3:00 p.m. the business day prior to the next payment day will be paid as follows:

    • Disbursements to employees and students are included in the next payment day.

    • Disbursements to outside vendors are paid within 30 days of the invoice date as prescribed by the Baylor University Standard Terms and Conditions unless a specific written contract exists between the paarties stating otherwise. Accordingly, these disbursements are normally generated in the payment cycle that is 21 days after the invoice date to ensure payment to the vendor within 30 days of the invoice date.

    If you have questions or comments regarding the the process, please contact Traci Adcock, Director of Accounts Payable. Email: