Postage and Shipping

Mail & Postage -- Postage is charged back to your department via scanning a barcode which you attach to your outgoing mail. You will need to attach a barcode sticker or use a barcode wrap-around for all (non-stamped) outgoing mail. To get barcodes for your department fill out the form on this website: Barcode Graphics Order Form. For more information about mail click here:

Mail Services.

Fedex/UPS/DHL and other delivery services -- For occasional use, these services are available from the Mail Center at the Bill Daniel Student Center. Pay by giving the attendant your TRAX department ID when you drop off your package to be shipped.

If you use these services frequently, you can get a better rate by setting up an account with the delivery service you plan to use. Also, some of the services offer convenient on-line services. To set up an account, contact the customer service rep for the service you plan to use. For information about rates and contact information for customer service reps, see this website:Overnight Delivery Services.