Managing your Capital Expenses (9700's)

Budget Change Requests (BCRs) -- 97xx accounts are budgeted for specific equipment or purposes. Requests to transfer 97xx funds to other accounts must include justification that explains why the funds will not be used for the purpose(s) budgeted. Some schools require dean approval to make transfers out of 97XX accounts, check with your KBC to see if this applies to you.

Capital Requests -- Unlike other accounts in your departmental budget, the capital expense accounts (9700's) are set to zero each year. Each year during Phase I of budget prep you make a capital equipment request to ask for the money to pay for specific technology and equipment needed for the coming year.

When the Phase I budget call goes out, usually around November 1, the budget office will send out a memo via email to all department heads and chairs regarding budget planning for the next fiscal year. This memo will include the due dates for capital equipment requests, with an attachment showing the amounts you should plan on budgeting for various typical kinds of computer equipment. You will submit your capital equipment requests through the KLX system along with your other budget requests.

Here are some things you may want to do to prepare to make your capital equipment requests:

  • Meet with your Academic Technology Director (ATD) -- to discuss needs you see for computer equipment in classrooms, departmental computer labs or offices.

  • Review your inventory - The program Baylor uses to track its technology inventory is called Landesk. To review your inventory, go to this website: Landesk, scroll to the bottom and click "departmental assets", then click "query." Note: You have to have permission to view Landesk. If you find you don't have the permission you need, call the helpline (4357).
  • Check the hardware replacement schedule -- For information about when your computers may need to be replaced, see this site: Hardware Replacement Schedule . This information will also be included in the Phase I budget call memo from the budget office.