Managing Student Wages (9200's)

Training requirement - Anyone who will be hiring student workers needs to review the information on this web site.

9210 and 9220 -- Work-Study Students -- Please be aware of the following:

For some students, a work-study job is a part of a total financial aid package. These students are only eligible to earn a certain amount each semester; if they exceed this amount, they jeopardize the rest of their financial aid. It is very important that these students and the departments for whom they work be aware of these limits.

Work-Study students may not work more than 20 hours a week. It is highly recommended that they be scheduled for no more than 12-15 hours a week depending on their eligibility.

It is important to make sure you have enough money in your 9200 account before requesting a student worker. To figure out the cost for one student worker for one year, use the following formula: Minimum wage X hours per week X 48 weeks. If you need more money in your 9200 account you can negotiate that with your dean during Phase II of budget prep. Or, if there are no funds available from the dean, you can make an operational request.

For more information about hiring work-study students contact or see these links:

9230 - Graduate Student Stipends - Most graduate student stipends are administered through the graduate school. For more information, click here: Processing Stipend and Tuition Authorizations. Social Work graduate student stipends are administered through the School of Social Work. For more information, contact Dennis Myers, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. Truett Seminary graduate student stipends are administered through Truett Seminary. For more information, contact Nancy Floyd, Assistant to the Dean.