Managing your Personnel Accounts (9100's)

Please note: Transferring money from a 91XX account to any other account is an exception to policy and requires approval from a Dean and the Provost. For more information about transferring funds, click here: Budget Change Request.

Specific Salary and personnel budget information - You can get lump sum information about your personnel budget in the TRAX system, but for position-by-position salary and personnel budget information you will need to use Bearhaus, Baylor's financial warehouse. For more information about Bearhaus, including who to contact to request access, click here: Bearhaus.

Annual tasks -- Regarding your personnel budget (9100's), there are three things you will need to do each year:

  • Phase I of budget prep - During Phase I of budget prep you will need to review your personnel budget and make sure each position is budgeted at the correct amount. You will do this through the Khalix system. For information about how to get access to Khalix (KLX), click here: Fiscal Planning.
  • Raise recommendation time for faculty - Sometime in the spring semester, usually in February, you will receive a spreadsheet from the Dean's office with detailed instructions about how to make raise recommendations for faculty. In April, after contracts are approved, you will receive the final spreadsheet that shows the approved salaries for faculty. Tip: Keep this spreadsheet handy; you will need to refer to it from time to time.
  • Merit Increase Recommendations for Staff - Performance Appraisals for staff are to be completed in Baylor Compass by mid-June. Check the Staff Performance Appraisal & Planning guide here for exact dates and steps in the process. The merit increase recommendation process in Baylor Compass will begin soon after all performance appraisals are complete. Managers making merit recommendations for staff members in Baylor Compass will be contacted in May or early June regarding the merit process timeline and due dates for recommendations.

Personnel actions -- In addition to the annual tasks listed above, from time to time you will need to take other personnel actions, for example, requesting new positions, replacing people who have moved on, or paying someone for extra work. For specific instructions about how to carry out these and many other personnel actions see the following websites:

Almost all personnel actions are carried out through the Project Office system. For more information about how to use Project Office, click here: Project Office.