Scheduling Classes

ClassAct -- Classes are scheduled via an on-line application called ClassAct. ClassAct is only available for use during certain times of the year while schedules are being set. To get access to ClassAct, contact Class Requests. Provide the names and BearIDs of the people in your office who will need access, and the course prefixes for which they will need access.

Scheduling classes -- Several months before a semester class schedule is due, the Chair and/or his/her designee will receive an e-mail from the Office of the Registrar with instructions for scheduling classes. These instructions will include: deadlines, a ClassAct training manual, list of building codes, and university approved meeting times.

At that time, access to ClassAct will be opened to the Chair and/or his/her designee. The previous year's classes will already be listed in ClassAct including title, meeting times and enrollment. The Chair or his/her designee can edit them as necessary for the coming semester. There will be several opportunities for the Chair and/or his/her designee to edit the schedule, but on a certain date the Office of the Registrar will close access to ClassAct for that term.

Changes after the ClassAct cut-off -- Requests for class changes (i.e. days, times, locations) after the ClassAct cut-off date should be submitted through the class change request form. Go to Office of the Registrar, then faculty/staff resources.

Changes to instructors and class size -- Updates to instructors and enrollments (class size) can be made through the Chair SIS system after the ClassAct cut off. To get access to Chair SIS, the chair should send an e-mail to Margaret Lemon listing the people he/she would like to have access (including him/herself), and the course prefixes and major codes for which they should have access.