Add/Drop a Course

Students can add/drop via Bearweb through the 5th class day (fall/spring) and with their professional advisors through the 7th class day (fall/spring) and 3rd class day (summer session I, II, full). After that time, all students must come to the Office of the Registrar, Robinson Tower, Suite 380 to process schedule changes.

Adding a course

The last day to add a course is listed in the Academic Calendar for the specific term and can be found on the Events Calendar website. The change in schedule fee is charged beginning the 8th class day for fall/spring, and 4th class day for summer session I, II, full.

Students should be reminded that the days missed while not registered for the course are considered absences.

Dropping a course

Before you approve a student to drop a course, you should direct the student to the website "Before You Drop a Course."

The university has specific dates that determine the effect of the drop on the student's academic record. These dates are listed in the Academic Calendar for the specific term and can be found on the Events Calendar website. A class drop or University Withdrawal during the period of the 13th through the 50th class day results in a W being recorded for the class(es) on the student's record and appearing on the transcript.

Department chairs (and faculty) should not grant student requests to date a Add/Drop and Registration form retroactively to avoid academic or financial penalties. Federal financial aid guidelines and university policies prohibit such practices.

Students might ask you what kind of refund can be expected when they drop a class. The refund policy is under the purview of the Cashier's Office and can be found here.

Dropping versus Withdrawing

Dropping and withdrawing are not the same thing. Beginning the first day of a semester, students are prevented from dropping all of their classes on BearWeb since this is considered a withdrawal from the University. Academic advisors should not drop all classes for students as well. Students should be directed to the Academic Support Programs website to officially withdraw from the University.