Academic Professionals - Annual Performance Review of Those on Continuing Appointments

Each academic professional will review with the dean's designee, at the time of employment and each year thereafter, the expectations for his or her specific position. Following the four-year probationary period, if the academic professional is awarded a three-year continuing appointment, the calendar for the appointment will be extended to reflect the immediate up coming 10 month/ 2 month academic calendar in order for the timing of the annual performance review to be consistent with other annual reviews in the Academic Division.Thereafter, by February 15, annually, each academic professional will be evaluated according to the established performance criteria for his or her specific position and rank. The dean's designee will review the performance assessment personally with the individual being evaluated. The conference will center upon the specific strengths and weaknesses of the individual's performance in the appropriate areas over the preceding year and expectations for his or her performance in the appropriate areas for the coming year. If an individual's performance is deemed marginal or unsatisfactory, the dean's designee and/or the dean should encourage and support the individual who seeks to overcome these deficiencies, should make specific recommendations for improvement, and should outline specific ways in which the academic unit can support the academic professional to make the necessary improvements. By March 1 the dean will submit to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs specific recommendations for merit increases based on the results of the annual performance reviews.

*Note that this text is taken directly from Baylor University Personnel Policy 718 "Academic Professionals." Always check the actual policy for the most up-to-date information.