Academic Professionals

"Academic Professional" is a special library faculty designation for those with terminal academic or professional degrees whose primary responsibilities lie outside of classroom instruction or research but whose work assignment provides necessary support within and for the academic program. Academic professionals have the requisite preparation, specialized knowledge, and academic preparation characteristic of teaching faculty. Though not expected to be research scholars, academic professionals are expected to maintain their engagement in the scholarly dimension of their work, in the educational and academic life of the university, and in the academic and professional organizations relevant to their work responsibilities. They are expected to demonstrate their service to the university community, to a religious community by active participation in a local congregation or parish, and to the larger community beyond the university.

Academic Professionals are eligible for assignment to university, college and school, and departmental faculty committees, with the exception of committees that evaluate and make recommendations regarding the appointments of candidates for tenure and tenure-track positions and committees that make recommendations regarding the dismissal of tenured and tenure-track faculty members.