Export Compliance

Baylor University conducts focused research to advance knowledge, enhance student learning experiences, and build its reputation in the scientific and technical communities while providing positive returns on sponsoring partners' research. While Baylor endorses the principles of freedom of inquiry and open exchange of knowledge, it is necessary for the University to comply with export control regulations. Export control regulations apply not only to research, but also to travel abroad and general business and financial transactions with prohibited parties or sanctioned countries.

Globalization has enriched our campus in a number of meaningful ways over the years. Pro Futuris calls us to deepen our relationships in and connections to the global community in four of the five aspirational statements. As we continue pursuing these aspirations, it is incumbent on the Baylor community to knowledgeable about the compliance complexities that arise when we conduct the mission of the University in a global environment.

Given this commitment to advancing the mission of the University while complying with export regulation, we are in the process of implementing a comprehensive export compliance program. We are searching for a Manager of Export Compliance who will lead these efforts. During this interim period, we offer some interim guidance on export compliance to assist our faculty, staff, and students in identifying potential problems. Baylor has also made available a training program that is focused on export compliance matters that impact the University environment. We encourage faculty and staff to take advantage of this training opportunity (it takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete the training).

  • Please contact Lisa McKethan in the Office of Sponsored Programs or Kit Riehl in the Office if General Counsel for additional guidance during this interim period while we search for a Director.