Revision History - BUPP704 Tenure Policy and Tenure Procedures

Effective Date:
May 1, 2020


Parties Involved:
The revision process was initiated by the Office of the Provost and approved by the Faculty Senate and the Council of Deans during spring 2020.
Summary of Changes:
The Tenure Policy was unchanged in this revision. The Tenure Procedures were changed so as to specify that official University tenure-track reviews would no longer take place each year, but rather would only take place in Year 2 and Year 4 (followed by the Tenure Review's taking place in Year 6).

Changes to Tenure Precedures:

  1. All of Section I.C, which described the process in years in which the dean or dean's designee did not participate, was removed, since the dean or dean's designee will now participate in all the tenure-track reviews.
  2. The procedures were revised throughout to remove references to and descriptions of reviews that would be conducted in Years 1, 3, and 5.
  3. A new Section I.A was added that states that units are free to institute additional practices that would optimize communication with tenure-track faculty about their progress toward tenure between the official University reviews.

Reasons for Changes: Reducing the number of tenure-track reviews will reduce the resources that are invested in them, particularly in terms of labor for faculty and staff.

Links to Current Policy and Procedures:

704 Tenure

Tenure Procedures at Baylor University

Effective Date:
May 3, 2017


Parties Involved:
The revision process was initiated by the Office of the Provost and reviewed by the Faculty Senate and the Council of Deans several times during the 2015-16 academic year.
Summary of Changes:
This revision of the Tenure Policy and Procedures was occasioned by the need to bring the Tenure Policy into conformity with the new Maternity Leave and Primary Caregiver Leave for Faculty policy (BU-PP 418A), as well as by the addition of the College of Health and Human Sciences, which necessitated revisions in the stated composition of the University Tenure Committee, and a collection of suggestions for additional clarity in the Tenure Procedures document that had accumulated over the years since the previous version was approved. Specific changes are enumerated below.

Changes to Tenure Policy:

  1. (Section II) Clarification of description of desired qualifications to remove possibility of focusing specifically on “impact factors.”
  2. (Section III.F) Updating of description of extensions to tenure clock so as to conform with new Maternity Leave and Primary Caregiver Leave for Faculty policy (BU-PP 418A). The section had to be restructured to address medical leaves, births or adoptions, and other situations separately. The substance of the section remains the same, with the exception of a change instituted by the BU-PP 418A, which is that now, in the case of maternity and/or primary caregiver leave, the default is to grant an extension, so that the faculty member would need to make a request in order not to receive an extension.
  3. (Section V.A) Updating of description of the composition of the University Tenure Committee to provide for representation for the College of Health and Human Sciences.
Changes to Tenure Procedures:
  1. (Section II.B.1.d.ii) Revisions made with respect to the tenure resume in Section (a) to clarify whose education should be described; in Section (b) to elaborate on the nature of possible distinctions among publications in various disciplines; in Section (d) to add a reference to citations; in Section (f) to describe information about grants; in section (g) to address intellectual-property information; in Section (i) to describe participation on editorial boards and leadership in professional societies and associations; in Section (j) to address awards (prizes or honors, rather than awards of funding); in Section (k) to clarify the description of teaching duties and assignments; and in Section (l) to clarify the description of service.
  2. (Section II.B.1.d.viii) Clarification of account of student involvement in research to include undergraduates.
  3. (Section II.B.ii.e) Addition of a due date.
  4. (Tenure Review Schedule at end of document) Correction of statement about who makes final decisions.
Reasons for Changes:
For most of the changes, reasons are provided with the description of the change; in other cases the reasons are self-explanatory.


Previous Version of BUPP 704 Tenure Policy and Tenure Procedures
Effective Date:
April 9, 2009
Parties Involved:
This Policy and the simultaneously approved Tenure Procedures were initiated at Academic Summit involving broad range of department chairs, faculty, and deans, June 2008; drafted by Office of the Provost later in June 2008 and posted for review and comment by Summit participants; further revised in September 2008; reviewed by Faculty Senate in October 2008; reviewed by Council of Deans in October and November; reviewed several times during the process by the Office of General Counsel; approved by the President April 9, 2009.
Summary of Changes:
This was a thorough revision, often including large segments of the Tenure Policy and Tenure Procedures documents. Some passages remain fairly intact from the previous version, but almost all passages have been revised for clarity and consistency if nothing else. The following are the principal substantive changes (because the two documents are so closely interrelated, both are described here). (PLEASE NOTE: These descriptions are provided here only to facilitate examination of the policy and procedure documents. They are not policy statements themselves.)

Tenure Policy: Information on Promotion to Full Professor deleted in order to facilitate focus on tenure in the policy review process; information has been added and expanded in Section II in order to clarify expectations for receiving tenure; clarification has been added in III.D & E to address consideration of tenure decisions outside the normal process; FMLA-related and other extensions of the tenure clock have been clarified in III.F; the composition and selection of the University Tenure Committee has been revised to specify discipline areas for members from the College of Arts and Sciences and alternation of schools from which President and Senate, respectively, appoint members; and the process of making a final decision has been expanded to clarify the ways in which various bodies' recommendations are considered.

Tenure Procedures: In order to ease the burden on deans' offices, the Annual Review process has been revised so that deans' offices are only required to be involved in even-numbered years, so the process is described for years in which deans' offices are involved and for years in which they are not involved. Also within the description of Annual Reviews, material has been added in Section I.A to clarify the tenure-track faculty members' responsibility to demonstrate that they should remain on tenure track; deadlines have been adjusted throughout in order to make it easier to complete the Annual Review process on time; material has been added in I.B.5 and I.C.5 specifying the provision of a summary teaching evaluation; clarifications of the content of the annual meeting and the handling of the following correspondence have been provided in I.B.6-8 and I.C.6-8; and clarification of the handling of deans' communications are provided in I.B.9 and I.C.9.

Within the description of the Tenure Review process in the school or college (Section II.A-B.2), instructions are provided in Section II.B.1.d.ii for the preparation of a "Tenure Resume" (related items in the previous document have been absorbed and/or rearranged by this passage); additional information regarding the candidate's teaching has been required in II.B.1.d.v-vi; the passage in II.B.1.e regarding the securing of external letters of review has been significantly revised to clarify standards, process, and ways that the chair should communicate with the University Tenure Committee regarding these documents; the department chair is required in II.B.1.g to provide a summary teaching evaluation; the University tenure evaluation forms now are specified in II.B.2.c to go to the department chair; the department chair is then, as specified in II.B.2.d, to submit a letter along with these forms and all other materials to the dean; and the dean is directed in II.B.2.e to submit a letter with all these materials to the University Tenure Committee (the purpose of these last three items is to ensure that each party is privy to all the preceding information that others will see).

Within the University Tenure Committee deliberations, the Committee is directed in Section II.B.3.b to sign a confidentiality agreement; and a direction for Committee members to refrain from contacting candidates has been moved from the previous Policy to II.B.3.e.

Within the Tenure Decision section, the description of the process of making a final decision has been expanded as was done in the Tenure Policy.

The process for requesting reconsideration has been considerably simplified in Section II.B.5.c.

Reasons for Changes:
For most of the changes, reasons are provided with the description of the change; in other cases the reasons are self-explanatory.

Link to Previous Policy

Link to Previous Procedures


Effective Date:
June 2, 2008
Parties Involved:
Provost's office initiated; suggestions received from University Tenure Committee and Senate Committee on Academic Freedom; drafted by ad hoc committee from Provost's Office and Faculty Senate; reviewed by Office of General Council; Executive Council reviewed in February 2007; three previous University Tenure Committee Chairs reviewed in August 2007; Council of Deans reviewed in August-September 2007; Senate reviewed in September-October 2007; President signed June 2, 2008; suggestions and revisions incorporated from each reviewing group.
Summary of Changes:
Policy addresses Promotion as well as Tenure and is separated from Procedures; now combined Tenure and Promotion Policy is a BUPP document, while Tenure Procedures are found on Provost's website and Promotion Procedures are still found in the Promotion Policy, BUPP 702. Opening section now gathers general statements from throughout the previous document, in some cases reworded for clarity and focus. Standards of achievement for the granting of tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, and for promotion to Professor, are now included in this section. The Tenure and Promotion Policy document also includes a description of the University Tenure Committee, updated the total membership and adding material that responsibility of the Committee, and addresses confidentiality.

The Tenure Procedures document incorporates the previous Policy's description of the Pre-Tenure Review into the description of Annual Reviews. The processes given for the Annual Reviews and for the Tenure Review have been rearranged into chronological order, rather than sequentially describing each participant's responsibilities, as was the case in the previous version; however, references to participants are in bold font in order to clarify their responsibilities. Definition of "available" faculty added. Necessity for conveying changes in expectation in writing added. Confidentiality of colleague evaluations addressed. List of graduate students supervised added to candidate notebook. Section on external evaluators added. Clarification of members of the University Tenure Committee who should vote in various situations. Reconsideration procedures revised. Process for forming department-level review committees in the case of large and small departments expanded and clarified. Schedules for Annual Reviews and Tenure Review added.

Reasons for Changes:
These are self-explanatory in each case.
Link to June 2, 2008 Version