BUPP 702 Promotion

Current Version of BUPP 702

Effective Date:
November 15, 2006

Parties Involved:
Provost's office initiated; Senate reviewed August 19, October 10, and November 14, 2006; President signed November 2006

Summary of Changes:
Outline format clarified. Criteria for promotion to each rank further specified and updated. Automatic promotion to Associate Professor upon the receipt of tenure specified. Calendar of events in promotion process included. Collection of evaluative letters from chairs regarding teaching and service and from external reviewers regarding research/creative work described. Appeal process described. Salary increase described.

Reasons for Changes:
Some changes are self-explanatory. With reference to others:

Several of the new elements were included in the 2002 Faculty Handbook, but were never incorporated into BU-PP 702; these include criteria for promotion to each rank, the calendar of events, the appeal process, and the salary increase. In most cases, however, some changes were made to these elements in incorporating them into the new policy, as follow.

The criteria for promotion describe the three areas of teaching, research/creative activity, and service differently from the criteria in the Faculty Handbook description, and this new description reflects the University's current emphasis on excellence in both teaching/mentorship and research/creative work.

Some dates in the calendar of events were moved to later in the school year than has previously been the case, in order to accommodate the date at which the policy was approved. It is anticipated that these dates will be moved back to earlier points in the school year for subsequent years.

The appeal process was made more specific, so as not to rely on the general University Grievance Policy. Wording describing the salary increase was slightly changed (from "should" to "will") to ensure that the increase would be forthcoming.

Finally, with regard to two elements that were not previously included in either the earlier version of the policy or in the 2002 Faculty Handbook, automatic promotion to Associate Professor upon receipt of tenure brings this policy into conformance with the current Tenure Policy; and information about collecting evaluative letters specifies the source of authoritative information regarding each area of performance (teaching, research/creative, and service) that departmental colleagues, chair, dean, Provost, and President will use in reaching their decisions.

Current Policy:
702 Promotion

Previous Version of BUPP 702:
Effective Date:
May, 1992

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702 Promotion