Mindsets & Skills

Mindsets.  All those who participate in BAY-SIC activities should become:

  • Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty – wrestling with problems that have no “right” answer
  • Driven toward rigorous analysis of evidence, data, and values – constantly seeking and sharing evidence-based knowledge 
  • Problem solvers and problem finders – reframing problems to open one’s eyes to non-obvious solutions
  • Empathetic – understanding the perspectives of the multiple stakeholders involved
  • Bold – searching for “moonshot” solutions that are 10 times better than existing solutions rather than 10% better
  • Lifelong learners – using a “growth” mindset rather than a “fixed” mindset to envision what could be

Skills.  Those who participate in BAY-SIC activities will come to possess the following skills:

  • Associating: connecting fields, problems, or ideas that others find unrelated
  • Questioning: developing a passion for inquiry
  • Observing/researching: carefully watching the world around oneself to learn new ways of doing things
  • Networking: spending time and energy finding and testing ideas through a diverse network of individuals who vary wildly in their backgrounds and perspectives
  • Experimenting: constantly piloting new ideas; making ideas tangible and testing them early in the process
  • Reframing: seeing and developing business models in fresh, creative ways, including hybrid and altogether new models