Electronic Course Action System

One part of managing the curriculum is managing various "course actions" such as adopting new courses, making changes to existing courses, and deleting or archiving courses that are no longer being offered. At Baylor, these course actions are managed through an Electronic Course Action System. This system allows any faculty member to request a course action. Then the system electronically routes the request through the series of reviews that are necessary for the proposed action to be officially adopted or rejected.

The electronic course action system is a part of a larger system at Baylor called BearQuest. BearQuest is the system used to make a wide variety of different kinds of requests including course action requests, personnel requests, requests for construction and others. At the most basic level, all these requests work the same way. A "requester" enters some initial information into a series of web-based forms. Then BearQuest routes that information through the various "reviewers" for review and approval according to Baylor policy.

To see a flow chart of the course action review/approval process, click here: Course action review flow.

As you might imagine from seeing the number of reviewers in the flow chart, reviewing and approving a new course or a course change takes time. Changes to the catalog are usually due to the Provost's office around December 1. Please plan accordingly; give yourself plenty of time for your request to make its way through the review process to be included in the catalog.

How to request a course action:

  1. Join a BearQuest user group -- If you have never requested a course action before, you need to be added to the appropriate course action user group within Bearquest for your department and school. To be added as a requester, please follow the instructions in the Online Training section (See the section titled ‘For requesters…. ’Logging on and getting access’) or you may view the instructions in the online User’s Guide (See Section 1). If you need assistance, please contact one of the persons listed under the Questions & Help section on this page.
  2. Get the training you need -- Once you have joined a user group you will have access to the course action system. The User Guide below will assist you in navigating through the system.
  3. Log on and submit your request - To log on to BearQuest go to www.Baylor.edu/bearquest.

Questions & Help

For all technical issues related to BearQuest, please contact:

Sandra Groves, Commencement and Course Action Process Coordinator
Phone: 254-710-8204
Email: Sandra_Groves@baylor.edu

For help with coordinating course information, please contact:

April Benson, Assistant Registrar
Phone: 254-710-8826
Email: April_Benson@baylor.edu


Dawn R. Khoury, M.S., Associate Registrar
Phone: 254-710-8831
Email: Dawn_Khoury@baylor.edu