More about Budgets and Financial Matters

Budget Management
Paying for Goods and Services
Where to go for help:
  • Key Budget Contact (KBC) - Each school has at least one Key Budget Contact (KBC) who is an expert on Baylor's financial systems. Your first stop for financial questions is your KBC.
  • Baylor financial reference- This two-page guide summarizes a lot of financial information for quick reference. Print one out and keep it handy.
  • TRAX Help - This website provides information and documentation about Baylor's budget management system, TRAX, but it also provides lots of other handy information related to managing your finances at Baylor.
  • The Budget Office- For questions about: BearQuest, budget prep, fiscal planning, Khalix, Budget Change Requests (BCRs), and personnel budget.
  • The Procurement Office - For questions about: purchasing card, allowed/disallowed purchases, requisitions, technology purchases, equipment purchases, furniture or office supply purchases, travel card, travel agency authorization form, printing and all questions regarding the travel and entertainment policies and procedures.
  • Financial Services - For questions about: invoice payment and vouchers, expense report reimbursements (Accounts Payable), tax compliance and petty cash (Tax & Compliance), incorrectly coded charges (Controllers Office), receiving funds.
  • Payroll - For questions about employee payroll or student payroll.
  • Internal Audit - For questions about: fraud, conflict of interest, other confidential financial issues.
  • Office of the Vice Provost for Research - For questions about grants, grant funds, etc.