Faculty Retirement Planning Program

The Provost's Office, working in concert with Deans, Faculty Senate and the President's Office, has designed the Faculty Retirement Planning Program to create proactive pathways for retirement planning that will mutually benefit the faculty members who are planning for retirement and the institution. To learn more about the program including time frames, retirement planning awards and program contract terms, click here.

Department / School Procedures for Processing Retirement Planning Program Requests

  1. Faculty member requests through department chair (or dean where there are no department chairs) to enter a retirement pathway contract. This is generally in the form of a letter of intent to retire. The letter of intent to retire should include at a minimum the requested pathway and anticipated retirement date.
  2. Department chair provides the letter to the dean and they agree on the pathway selected.
  3. Once the department chair and dean confirm the retirement pathway, the department or school enters a separation BQ. Retirement pathway approval and letter of intent to retire is included in discussion tab.
  4. Human Resources (HR) will generate a retirement contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  5. When contract or MOU is returned signed, HR will inform the department chair, dean and Provost.
  6. Upon notification from HR that signed agreement has been returned, department or school will enter Supplemental Pay BearQuest (payable within 45 days of document being signed). Signed MOU or contract copy is included in discussion tab of BQ (either department or HR can attach).