Faculty Recruitment

The Faculty Recruiting Enhancement Grant program supports departments that propose innovative and creative search techniques demonstrating active recruiting strategies and interdisciplinary conceptions of faculty roles. This program encourages higher levels of creativity than traditional searches utilize, and avoids artificial barriers to finding future faculty for Baylor University.

Department chairs should submit grant proposals through their dean or a dean-designate to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost starting August 8, 2016. We encourage a matching-fund mentality as proposals are crafted, but that is not a requirement. Awards are available up to $5,000 each (most will be smaller), with unusually creative awards eligible to exceed $5,000 with solid rationale and support. Grants will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis, and will continue to be awarded as funds remain available. All grant proposals should briefly articulate the following:

  1. How will the recruitment strategy be proactive and innovative compared to past practices?
  2. How does this strategy include an interdisciplinary approach to searching?
  3. How will the proposal strengthen existing efforts to cultivate a deep, diverse pool of mission-centric candidates?
  4. What distinctive attributes will you look for in this new hire?
  5. What is the estimated cost of this strategy, and what additional funds are being sought to meet this cost?
We are not prescribing what "creative" looks like, as that would be limiting. We are looking for imagination that leverages Baylor University's distinctive mission and adds diversity to our faculty. If we think your proposal needs more work, we will engage in dialogue with you to frame additional ways of thinking. Successful recruitment relies on multiple thoughtful strategies, and we do not unreasonably anticipate that any one program or strategy provides the unique "solution" for finding the most diverse faculty with the highest sense of Baylor University's distinct mission as a Christian research university. This program offers a space to experiment wisely with additional imagination for what could be. We look forward to being inspired by you as we look toward Baylor University’s bright future.

Those interested in applying should follow the link below and read the instructions found on the application.

Faculty Recruiting Enhancement Grant - Application