Policy Revisions

The links below provide information about all revisions made to faculty personnel policies after 2004. Each link opens a page that provides, for the specified policy:
  1. the effective date of each revision,
  2. an account of the parties who participated in the initiation, development, and review of each revision,
  3. a summary of the changes made to the policy in each revision (in the case of a changed policy),
  4. a summary of the reasons for each revision (in all cases),
  5. a link to the current policy (in the case of a new or changed policy), and
  6. links to all archived previous policies (in the case of a changed or deleted policy).

• BUPP 702 Promotion
• BUPP 705 Faculty Dismissal
• BUPP 706 Faculty Workload and Merit Evaluation
• BUPP 708 Faculty Development
• BUPP 710 Meetings
• BUPP 711 Faculty Senate
• BUPP 714 Summer Sabbaticals
• BUPP Research Leaves
• BUPP 716 Lecturers and Senior Lecturers
• BUPP 717 Academic Credentials for Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants
• BUPP 721 Intellectual Property