Faculty Handbook 2021-2022

We hope this handbook will serve as a useful reference guide throughout your employment at Baylor. We have endeavored to collect the policies, procedures, and websites that are of common interest to faculty and academic administrators. Note that this handbook is not intended to be either an official policy and procedures manual or a contractual document. It is thus not a part of any contractual commitment (expressed or implied), nor is it intended to create any legally enforceable obligations. The terms and conditions of faculty members' contracts are established by the letter of appointment signed by the President of Baylor University and by the applicable provisions of the Baylor University Personnel Policy Manual.

This faculty handbook supersedes and replaces all previous faculty handbooks with a prior date of publication. The handbook does not replace or modify in any way the provisions of the Baylor University Personnel Policy Manual.

For questions or suggestions for revisions to the handbook, please email Debi Talley. She and Jim Bennighof, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, are charged with keeping the faculty handbook current. The handbook will be reviewed in its entirety every June for accuracy and completeness, but revisions will also be made throughout the year as needed.

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Last updated: December 21, 2021