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Welcome to the on-line training site for the BearQuest Electronic Course Action System!

User's Guide
For a PDF of a detailed user's guide, click here: Electronic Course Action System User's Guide

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Electronic Course Action System Lessons
The following on-line lessons are listed in the recommended order, but you are also invited to skip directly to the lessons that you think are most applicable for you.

For Curriculum Committee members...

As a curriculum committee reviewer, you do not necessarily need to learn in detail how to use the BearQuest system. These lessons should get you up to speed to do your part of the process.

For all reviewers and requesters...

For Reviewers...

For requesters...

  • Logging on and Getting Access- This lesson explains how to log on to the ECAS and also how to get access to the system if you are a first time user. (3:04)

  • Starting a request - This lesson shows you how to do the first few steps that apply to all course action requests. (4:04)

  • Screen Navigation - This Lesson shows the basic screen navigation in BearQuest that will apply to all course action requests.(3:46)

  • Quick overview - The purpose of this lesson is to quickly show you how the course action request process works from end to end, using a new course request as the example. It does not go into detail about how to do each step. You can get that information in other lessons. (4:29)

  • Using Course Data Templates - Course Data Templates are Word documents that contain details about the proposed new course. Different academic units require different information in order to consider a new course. This lesson will show you how to make sure you have included all the information required by your academic unit. (2:42)

  • Forms in course action requests - This lesson explains the concept of forms and shows you the the forms you will complete when making a new course request. (2:15)

  • New Course Request:Basic Forms - This lesson shows you how to complete the most common type of new course request using the six basic forms. (7:32)

  • New Course Request:Additional Forms - This lesson shows you how to complete a new course request that includes all of the possible new request forms. (5:48)

  • Checking your work - This lesson shows you how to check your work using a new course request as the example. (4:18)

  • Change Course Request - This lesson shows an example of a change course request and points out differences between making a change course request and a new course request. (9:43)