BUPP 715 Revision History

Current Version of BUPP 715:

Effective Date:

September 28, 2005

Parties Involved:

Provost's office initiated; Faculty Senate reviewed and approved on May 3, 2005; President approved September 28, 2005.

Summary of Changes:

Clarification of description of length of leaves, mention of separate law school process, removal of description of implementation process, elaboration of notification process

Reasons for Changes:

Length of two-semester leave was inconsistent with the length of the contract year, use of the term "term" confusing and unnecessary without law school involvement, implementation process now complete, need to provide for notification of successful and unsuccessful applicants

Link to Current Policy:

715 Research Leaves

Previous Version of BUPP 715:

Effective Date:

Link to This Version:

715 Research Leaves (Archived)