BUPP 714 Revision History

Current Version of BUPP 714:

Effective Date:

September 28, 2005

Parties Involved:

Provost initiated, Senate reviewed May 3, 2005, President approved September 28, 2005

Summary of Changes:

Previous version, called "Sabbaticals," described long-term sabbaticals and summer sabbaticals; long-term sabbatical description removed. Summer sabbatical portion revised so as to be complete independently of long-term description. Schedule for application and notification process amplified. Compensation information made more accurate. Limitation of number of awards removed.

Reasons for Changes:

Long-term sabbaticals have been replaced by Research Leaves. Occasionally compensation is not 20%, because of alternate arrangements made with faculty. The total number of awards is not necessarily limited to thirty.

Link to Current Policy:

714 Summer Sabbaticals

Previous Version of BUPP 714:

Effective Date:

March 1996 (as part of the "Sabbaticals" policy, BUPP 714); placed on website July 1998

Link to This Version:

714 Summer Sabbaticals (Archived)