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A Strategic Vision for Baylor University


Aspirational Statement Four: Committed Constituents

Baylor will be a community recognized for Committed Constituents... Where the dedication of alumni and friends advances Baylor through sustained involvement and philanthropy.

Baylor alumni - their success, their faith, the richness of their lives, the worldwide leadership and service they provide - are the fruits of the university's labors. A student's few short years on the Baylor campus are merely preparation for a lifetime on "the good old Baylor line" - a line that stretches around the world and back again to Waco. Our desire is that at every point on that line alumni feel connected to Baylor, to others on the line, and to future generations of graduates who will join us as we "march forever down the years." That connection should be a source of pride and benefit throughout their lives, so much so that our alumni eagerly engage with the life of the university, actively seek opportunities to contribute their talents and gifts, and enthusiastically recruit others to support the work of Baylor.

During the past decade, we have utilized enhanced electronic communications and social media to connect more effectively with the broader community of our alumni and friends. We have preserved and solidified our roots through our work in Independence, Texas, and we have enhanced our student body's understanding of and commitment to Baylor tradition and spirit through the ongoing development of Line Camp and Homecoming.

We seek to be creative in utilizing the energy and resources of the Baylor community, and, in turn, providing lifelong support for alumni. Our alumni are a source of wisdom and expertise and must be engaged in university life, and we also want to welcome others who share our values and support our progress to join us as we grow.

Therefore, we will:

  • Engage all Baylor alumni and friends in the life and aspirations of the university;
  • Facilitate new connections between current students and alumni and friends who share common interests;
  • Build on the rich traditions that are the hallmark of the Baylor experience, including its historic Baptist heritage, to instill a campus culture of commitment to Baylor and its future;
  • Inspire today's students to become the committed alumni of tomorrow;
  • Broaden Baylor's constituency base by engaging the global Christian community in the activities and programs of the university;
  • Foster relationships and a culture of philanthropy that results in increased giving to the university;
  • Complete a comprehensive campaign that will fund major components of our plans and ongoing operations through private philanthropy; and
  • Identify opportunities for donor-funded facilities that reflect the excellence of Baylor in academic, spiritual, and athletic life.