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Pro Futuris

A Strategic Vision for Baylor University


Five-Year Goals
Judicious Stewardship

The value of a Baylor education is derived from the educational experiences that occur both inside and outside of the classroom. In the broadest and most basic sense, our distinctly Christian mission demands excellence in all things. Meritorious characteristics of life within each aspect of our community will contribute in profound ways to the enrichment experienced by students - as well as by faculty and staff - during the time they spend at the University.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where the value generated by and derived from a Baylor experience is supported through a diversity of revenues, prudent management of our resources, and the pursuit of outstanding quality and character in every area of University life. Over the course of the Five-Year Goals, we will:

Improve access and affordability:

  • shift total operating budget expenditures to be 5% less undergraduate tuition dependent by 2018/2019
  • increase the endowment per undergraduate student to $110,000
  • partner with 10 community colleges, subject to criteria and evaluation of academic quality, to reduce the overall cost of Baylor's education for transfer students
  • establish a fixed four-year tuition rate and fixed transfer tuition rate
  • execute operational efficiencies and risk reduction without compromising educational quality

Promote the second phase of "From Here We Build" campaign for $320 million:

  • raise $100 million for scholarships and faculty support
  • raise $50 million for student life enhancement (Career and Professional Development, Global Engagement, Leadership Development)
  • raise $50 million for academic and programmatic development
  • raise $120 million for capital-related projects (McLane Alumni Events Center, LHSON, etc.)

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