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Pro Futuris

A Strategic Vision for Baylor University


Five-Year Goals
Committed Constituents

Baylor alumni - their success, their faith, the richness of their lives, the worldwide leadership and service they provide - are the fruits of the University's labors. A student's few short years on the Baylor campus are merely preparation for a lifetime on "the good old Baylor line" - a line that stretches around the world and back again to Waco. We seek to be creative in utilizing the energy and resources of the Baylor community, and, in turn, providing lifelong support for alumni.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where the dedication of alumni and friends advances Baylor through sustained involvement and philanthropy. Over the course of the Five-Year Goals, we will:

Engage all Baylor alumni and friends in the life and aspirations of the University:

  • increase the total alumni giving rate to 20%
  • increase the amount of scholarship giving through Network programming by 25%
  • increase total participation in Network events by 25%
  • increase the number of unique constituents participating in Network events by 50%
  • increase attendance at home athletics contests by 20% (ticketed sports: football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball)
  • increase national, regional and Baylor Vision broadcasts of athletics contests by 25%

Advance and protect the Baylor brand:

  • commission and conduct a national market research study to assess Baylor brand awareness and strength, and develop new communications strategies to advance the brand based on research findings
  • develop strategic communications responses to threats to Baylor's brand strength and image

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