Baylor University

Baylor University

Pro Futuris

A Strategic Vision for Baylor University


Five-Year Goals
Informed Engagement

As a Christian university committed to scholarship of the highest quality, Baylor offers a distinctive voice to global conversations about crucial issues - such as social responsibility, health care, economic growth, human rights, poverty, diversity, and sustainability - in a way that few others can.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where our Christian faith, in conjunction with our expertise and resources, inspires a desire to address systemic problems facing our community, both local and global, and renews our dedication to improvement of self and service to others. Over the course of the Five-Year Goals, we will:

Create educational opportunities that benefit the community and Baylor alumni:

  • develop a robust education outreach program that includes lifelong learning, continuing education and distance education
  • establish a comprehensive plan to broaden the University's global and local impact
  • establish common student learning outcomes for informed engagement that draw upon our Christian commitment to address challenges to society through humble service and evidence-based, capacity-building partnerships

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