Baylor University

Baylor University

Pro Futuris

A Strategic Vision for Baylor University


Five-Year Goals
Compelling Scholarship

Baylor's strength is measured in the form of traditional outputs, such as student ability and research productivity as well as the strength of our Christian faith reflected in our people, our programs, and our campus. Faculty and students at Baylor are dedicated to joining the national and international community of scholars and artists in exploring the manifold issues and creative possibilities at the forefront of human discovery.

Pro Futuris calls Baylor to be a place where research discoveries illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting our world and where creative endeavors reflect the breadth of God's creation. Over the course of the Five-Year Goals, we will:

Approach the profile of Carnegie Foundation's Research Universities with Very High Research Activity:

  • add Master's, Graduate Professional and Doctoral programs that do not increase dependence on undergraduate tuition
  • increase total annual Doctorate production to 120
  • increase annual STEM Doctorate production to 36
  • increase overall annual research funding to $25 million

Extend Baylor's influence on public policy issues consonant with our Christian mission:

  • create monthly opportunities for Baylor faculty to share their research with national and international policymakers
  • double the number of students participating in public policy internship programs
  • utilize earned and paid media to showcase research by Baylor faculty to policymakers

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