Educator Certification

Baylor University discloses that  Texas Teacher Certification Degrees and School Leader Certification Degrees will fulfill state/territory educational requirements for professional licenses.

Some state licensing boards require additional requirements beyond education, which may include (but are not limited to): additional post-graduation examinations or experience, application and licensing fees, criminal background checks, reference checks, fingerprint submissions, etc. Continuing education may also be required for maintenance of certification/licensure. Make sure you understand and review any additional requirements prior to enrolling in Teacher Certification Degrees or School Leader Certification Degrees.

State licensing requirements are always subject to change at the discretion of the state licensing board. The University will routinely update this page, but we strongly recommend you inquire with the applicable state board to confirm your eligibility for licensure prior to enrolling in Teacher Certification Degrees or School Leader Certification Degrees. For any questions regarding licensure, please contact the state/territory agency directly.

Licensing requirements vary by state/territory and relocating could impact whether you will meet eligibility requirements for licensure. For any questions about relocation eligibility, contact the agency where you desire licensure before relocating to ensure that you will be eligible for licensure or reciprocity.

Carefully review the educational prerequisites for your intended state/territory of licensure and whether our program meets those requirements for licensure. Use the agency contact information provided below to clarify or confirm any requirements.

If questions remain after reviewing the information provided below, contact your program advisor or the Office of Professional Practice. While the University can provide initial guidance, it is ultimately your responsibility to continually check with the state/territory where you intend to seek licensure to confirm all licensing/certification requirements.

The State Licensing Requirements should indicate if the program curriculum Meets the requirements in these states and US Territories, Does NOT Meet the requirement in these states and US Territories or Undetermined if the program has not yet determined if the curriculum requirements are met for these states and US Territories.

Search Disclosures by State

StatesName and URL of State Licensing Board or DepartmentState Teacher Education Licensing Requirements - Without ExperienceState Teacher Education Licensing Requirements - With ExperienceState Principal Licensing Requirements Meet - Without ExperienceState Principal Licensing Requirements Meet - With ExperienceState Superintendent Licensing Requirements Without ExperienceState Superintendent Licensing Requirements - With Experience
AlabamaAlabama State Department of EducationMeet * (SE)MeetNot EligibleMeetNot EligibleMeet
AlaskaAlaska Dept. of Education and Early Development, Teacher CertificationMeet * (BCE) (SRC) (EPPV)Meet * (BCE) (SRC) (EPPV)Meet * (SRC) (GD) (VE)Meet * (SRC) (GD) (VE)Meet * (SRC) (GD) (VE)Meet * (SRC) (GD) (VE)
ArizonaArizona State Board for Private Postsecondary EducationMeet * (VC) (SBC) (SRC) (SE)Meet * (VC) (SBC) (SRC) (SE) (VE)Meet * (GD) (SBC) (VC)Meet * (GD) (SBC) (VC) (VE)Meet * (GD) (SBC) (VC)Meet * (GD) (SBC) (VC) (VE)
ArkansasArkansas Department of EducationMeet * (VC) (SRC)Meet * (VC) (VE)Meet * (SE) (VC) (GD)Meet * (VC) (VE)Meet * (SE) (VC) (GD)Meet * (VC) (VE)
CaliforniaCalifornia Department of EducationMeet * (VC)Meet * (VC) (VE)Meet * (VC) (VE)Meet * (VC) (VE)Meet * (VC)Meet * (VC)
ColoradoColorado Department of EducationMeet * (VC) (EPPV) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet * (EPPV) (SE) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VE) (VC) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (SE) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VE) (VC) (SE)
ConnecticutConnecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Educator Standards and CertificationMeet * (SE) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (SE) (EPPV) (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (SE) (EPPV) (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (SE) (EPPV) (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (SE) (EPPV) (VE) (VC)
DelawareDelaware Department of EducationMeet * (MP) (VC) (PE)Meet * (MP) (VC) (VE)Meet * (PE) (VC)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (PE) (VC)Meet * (VE) (VC)
FloridaFlorida Department of EducationMeet *(VC) (SBC) (SRC) or (SE)Meet*(VC)(VE) (SBC) (SRC) or (SE)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)
GeorgiaGeorgia Professional Standards Commission Meet * (SRC) (VC) (SE)Meet * (SRC) (VE) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC) (SE) (VE)Meet * (SRC) (VC) (SE) (VE)Meet * (SRC) (VC) (SE) (VE)Meet * (SRC) (VC) (SE) (VE)
HawaiiHawaii Teacher Standards BoardMeet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet *(VE) (VC)N/AN/AN/AN/A
IdahoIdaho State Department of EducationMeet * (SRC) (PE)Meet * (SRC) (PE)Meet * (SRC) (PE)Meet * (SRC) (PE)Meet * (SRC) (PE)Meet * (SRC) (PE)
IllinoisIllinois Department of Financial and Professional RegulationMeet*(VC)Meet*(VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)
IndianaIndiana Department of Education Office of Educator LicensingMeet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VC)
IowaIowa Department of EducationMeet * (SRC) (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)
KansasKansas State Department of EducationMeet * (VC) (SE) (SBC)Meet * (VC) (VE) (SBC)Meet * (GD) (GPA/3.25) (SE)Meet * (GD) (GPA/3.25) (VE)Meet * (GD) (GPA/3.25) (SE)Meet * (GD) (GPA/3.25) (VE)
KentuckyKentucky Department of EducationMeet * (VC) (EPPV) (GPA) (SE)Meet * (VC) (EPPV) (GPA) (VE)Meet * (GD) (VC) (SRC)Meet * (GD) (VC) (VE)Meet * (GD) (VC) (SRC)Meet * (GD) (VC) (VE)
LouisianaLouisiana Department of EducationMeet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VC) (EPPV) (VE)Meet* (VC) (SRC)Meet * (VE) (VC) (SRC)Meet* (VC) (SRC)Meet * (VE) (VC) (SRC)
MaineCertification Office, Maine Department of EducationMeet * (SRC) (VC) (SBC)Meet * (SBC) (VE) (VC)N/AN/AN/AN/A
MarylandMaryland State Department of EducationMeet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VE) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VE) (VC) (EPPV)
MassachusettsMassachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Educator LicensureMeet * (SE) (SRC) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SE) (VE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (SRC) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (VE) (VC)
MichiganMichigan Department of EducationMeet *(EPPV) (SE) (VC)Meet *(VE) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)
MinnesotaMinnesota Department of EducationMeet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (VE) (VC)N/AN/AN/AN/A
MississippiMississippi Department of EducationMeet* (EPPV) (VC)Meet* (EPPV) (VC)N/AN/AN/AN/A
MissouriMissouri Department of Elementary and Secondary EducationMeet* (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (VE) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (GD) (VC) (VE) (EPPV)
MontanaMontana Office of Public InstructionMeet * (PE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (PE) (EPPV) (VC)N/AMeet * (VE) (EPPV) (VC) (PE)N/AMeet * (VE) (EPPV) (VC) (PE)
NebraskaNebraska Department of EducationMeet * (SRC) (SE) (EPPV) (SBC) (BCE) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (SE) (EPPV) (SBC) (BCE) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (EPPV) (SE) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (SE) (EPPV) (SBC) (BCE) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (EPPV) (SE) (VC)
NevadaState of Nevada Board of Education, Office of Educator Licensure (Two Locations)Meet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (VC) (EPPV)
New HampshireDivision of Educator Support and Higher Education, Bureau of CredentialingMeet* (SE) (VC)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)
New JerseyNew Jersey Department of Higher EducationMeet * (GPA/3.0)(SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet* (VE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (VC)
New MexicoNew Mexico Public Education DepartmentMeet * (SE) (SBC) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (VE)N/AMeet * (GD) (VC) (VE)N/AMeet * (GD) (VC) (VE)
New YorkOffice of Teaching InitiativesMeet * (SBC) (SE) (VC) (GPA) (EPPV)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet * (EPPV) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (SE)
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Department of Public InstructionMeet * (EPPV) (VC) (SE)Meet* (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (SE)Meet * (EPPV) (VC) (SE)
North DakotaNorth Dakota Education Standards and Practices BoardMeet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet* (VE) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet* (VE)(EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet* (VE) (VC) (EPPV)
OhioOhio Department of EducationMeet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)
OklahomaOklahoma State Department of EducationMeet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (EPPV) (VC)
OregonTeacher Standards and Practices CommissionMeet * (SBC) (SE) (VC)Meet * (SBC) (SE) (VC)Meet * (SBC) (SE) (VC) (VE)Meet * (SBC) (SE) (VC) (VE)Meet * (SBC) (SE) (VC) (VE)Meet * (SBC) (SE) (VC) (VE)
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Department of EducationMeet * (GPA/3.0) (BCE) (VC) (SE)Meet * (SE) (VC) (VE)N/AMeet * (GPA) (VC) (VE)N/AMeet * (GPA) (VC) (VE)
Rhode IslandRhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary EducationMeet* (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet* (SE) (VC)Meet* (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet* (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet* (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet* (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Department of EducationMeet * (VC) (SBC) (SE)Meet* (VC) (SBC) (VE)N/AMeet * (GD) (VC) (SBC) (VE) (EPPV)N/AMeet * (GD) (VC) (SBC) (VE) (EPPV)
South DakotaSouth Dakota Department of EducationMeet * (PE) (SRC) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (PE) (VE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (PE) (SRC) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (PE) (VE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (PE) (SRC) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (PE) (VE) (EPPV) (VC)
TennesseeTennessee Department of EducationMeet * (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (VC)Meet * (VC) (EPPV) (VE) (SE)Meet * (VC) (EPPV) (VE) (SE)Meet * (VC) (EPPV) (VE) (SE)Meet * (VC) (EPPV) (VE) (SE)
TexasTexas State Board of EducationMeetMeetMeetMeetMeetMeet
UtahUtah State Board of EducationMeet * (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SE) (VE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet * (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet * (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)Meet * (SE) (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)
VermontVermont Agency of Education-Licensing OfficeMeetMeetMeetMeetMeetMeet
VirginiaVirginia Department of EducationMeetMeetMeetMeetMeetMeet
WashingtonProfessional Educator Standards BoardMeet * (BCE) (EPPV) (VC) (SBC)Meet * (BCE) (VE) (VC) (SBC)N/AMeet * (GD) (VE) (VC) (SBC)N/AMeet * (GD) (VE) (VC) (SBC)
West VirginiaWest Virginia Department of EducationMeet * (EPPV) (VC) (GPA)Meet * (VE) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)Meet * (GD) (VC)
WisconsinWisconsin Department of Public InstructionMeetMeetMeetMeetMeetMeet
WyomingWyoming Professional Teaching Standards BoardMeet * (SBC) (SE) (EPPV) (VC)Meet * (SBC) (VE) (VC)MeetMeetMeetMeet
District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia Public SchoolsMeet * (BCE) (VC) (EPPV)Meet * (BCE) (VC) (EPPV)N/AMeet * (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)N/AMeet * (GD) (EPPV) (VC) (VE)
GuamThe Guam Education Board (GEB) ?MeetMeetMeetMeetMeetMeet
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico State Department of EducationN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
US Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands Department of Education Meet * (SRC) (PE) (VC)Meet * (SRC) (PE) (VC)N/AN/AN/AN/A

* Meets with Successful Completion of Praxis Exam (PE), State Exam (SE), Basic Competency Exam (BCE), State Required Coursework (SRC),  Graduate Degree (GD), Performance Assessment (PA), Grade Point Average (GPA), Mentoring Program (MP), Valid Certificate (VC), State Background Check (SBC), Verification of Experience (VE), and/or Educator Preparation Program Verification (EPPV)

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