Professional Program Student Withdrawal

Withdrawal Process
  • University Withdrawal or Withdrawal refers to discontinuing all classes only for the term in which a student is currently enrolled.  A withdrawal occurs on or after the first day of classes, and prior to the withdrawal deadline.
  • The withdrawal process includes completing an online withdrawal form and having an exit interview with the appropriate program staff before leaving the university for the semester.
  • The effective date of a University Withdrawal is established by the date on which a student submits the Withdrawal form. Under no circumstance does notifying professors or dropping classes constitute an official University Withdrawal. Leaving the University without following the established procedure will result in "Failure" of all courses for which the student is registered.

To begin the withdrawal process, complete these steps:

  1. Complete the online Withdrawal Form then contact your Program Director with your intent to withdraw.

  2. Make an appointment for an Exit Interview with your program contact.

  3. Contact the Student Financial Services Office at (254) 710-2611 or contact the Student Financial Aid office online - to discuss the financial implications of a withdrawal, such as the repayment of loans and future financial aid, including scholarships.

  4. If you have questions regarding tuition, refund, or your financial account, please contact the Student Financial Accounts by clicking here or calling (254) 710-2311. 

 **If you plan to return to Baylor at a future semester, you will need to contact your program contact.


Reach out to your program contact for assistance.


Designated Program Contacts and Officials
Online CSD Venessa Grandjean
J.D. Program (Law) Jerri D Cunningham
LL.M Program (Law) Jim Wren
MA School Leadership Alison Treadaway
Online DNP/MSN   Roberta Black
Online DPT Nick Haynes
Online EdD Cece Lively
Online MBA David B Coe
Online MPH Jasmine Opusunju
Online MSCS Daniel Adams
Online MSW Christen Argueta
Online OTD Nick Haynes