Student Services and Benefits

If you enroll in one of Baylor's online academic programs, you are eligible to receive support services and benefits from several departments from across the university. These service areas include:

Academic Services

Access services necessary for your academic success. The services listed on this site include access to your specific advisor, career services, the Baylor writing center, graduate student association and library resources.
  • Academic Advising - Contact your program director for advising assistance.
  • Course Registration - Steps for registering for courses. 
  • Career Services -  a wide array of Career Services are offered to Baylor students. From connections to potentials employers and job opportunities to internships to career development support, the resources are extensive. A variety of these resources are available via Baylor's Career Center.
  • Graduate Writing Center -  you need help with creating and editing academic essays, research papers, lab reports, literature reviews, job applications, proposals, personal statements, resumes, and CVs plus digital media works as well. Contact the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) to arrange an online sessions.  
  • Graduate Student Association - Learn more about Baylor's Graduate Student Association  and considering joining the Facebook page to become more actively involved.  
  • Office of the Registrar - look up key calendar dates and deadlines. 
  • Library - Baylor's Libraries offer a wealth of resources for academic pursuit no matter where you study.

Financial Services

Learn about the services provided by Baylor's student Financial Aid Office.

Student Financial Services - The Student Financial Aid Office provides resources designed to help eligible students meet expenses while enrolled at Baylor University. Scholarship opportunities for graduate students may be available through their respective schools and outside scholarships sources. See links below for more information:

Billing & Payment - As a Baylor student, you are responsible for the charges on your student account.  Be sure to review these charges and complete financial settlement (1.  Confirm attendance and 2.  Pay your bill) each term you plan to attend.  

Student Financial Services

Contact Information

Student Financial Aid Office            Cashier's Office
Toll: 1-800-BAYLOR-U (option 8, 1)            Phone: 254-710-2311
Local: 254-710-2611            Fax: 254-710-2114
Online: Financial Aid office  

General Services

Understand resources that you can access such as military & veteran services, student conduct resources, the Office of Access and Learning Accommodations (OALA), Title IX information,the university bookstore, and student life options.

Health Services

Discover the health services available for online student's use.

Student Discounts

  • On-Campus Benefits when you are in the Waco, there is plenty for you to explore on Campus.  From this link you will discover some resources you may considering seeing.
  • Check out the discounts that you have available for being a Baylor student.