Vehicle Purchases

Procurement Services is responsible for the acquisition of all University-owned vehicles. Vehicle purchase guidelines are as follows:

Approvals Process

The Vehicle Purchase Request Form (found here) is routed to the appropriate approvers (below) prior to purchase:

  • For replacement vehicles: Department Head or departmental approver
  • For vehicles purchased as an addition to the Baylor fleet, the following additional approvals are also required:
    • Key Budget Contact or Dean
    • Chief Business Officer or Provost

Competitive Bids

  • All vehicle purchases must be competitively bid in order to ensure fair and open competition and best pricing.
  • Requests for bids may be performed by the acquiring department, or in coordination with Procurement Services.


  • When purchasing replacement vehicles, existing vehicles must be either traded or sold by Procurement Services.
  • When trades are utilized, full documentation of trade amount, along with fair market value (e.g. NADA trade value) must accompany purchase documentation.
Vehicle Purchase Requisitions

Requisitions must include:

  • Competitive bids/supporting documentation 
  • Uploaded Vehicle Purchase Request Form with appropriate signatures
  • Email address to where the purchase order will be dispatched
  • Department One Bear Place address for registration renewals and recall notices
  • Primary vehicle contact/driver
  • Vehicle history report (e.g. Carfax) of vehicle being purchased
  • Full documentation of trade amount
  • Golf Carts will only be approved for departments demonstrating a valid business use and must have a location where they can be safely and securely stored when not in use and charged (if electric). 
  • Baylor University's sales tax exemption does not apply to the purchase, rental or use of motor vehicles. 

For more information, contact:

Mickey Cochran
One Bear Place #97084
Waco, TX 76798-7084
Phone: 710-8201