Standard Requisition Comments

Standard Comments are pre-written comments that are available for anyone to use to save typing type and standardize text. Requesters will typically use a Standard Comment Type of ‘REQ’ to add requisition comments, but other types are available as well. A list of commonly used Standard Comments can be found below.

Comment Type Comment ID Description
ARA ARA Aramark Requisition
CON CON Contract
DEL HOUR Receiving Department Hours
EXP TEMP Temporary Services
FPC FPC Facilities Planning and Construction
INT INT Internal Order
ITR ITR Internal Transfer
MOV MOV Moving Expenses
PO ROLL POs Charged to 1529
PRT ID Part Identification Number
REP REP Replacement for Lost or Stolen Goods
REQ REQ Standard Requisition
REQ DTE Required Equipment
REQ E&I E&I Contract Pricing
REQ STAT State Contract Pricing
REQ COOP Cooperative Contract Pricing
REQ INDE Independent Contractor
RFX RFX Award of BID/RFP/Etc.
SO SO Standing Order
SPE SPE Specifications
SUP ORDR Supplemental Order
TAX FED Federal Excise Tax Exemption
TAX TEX Texas Sales and Use Tax Number
TRA TRAD Trade-In Information
TRV GRPT Group Travel
TRV TA Travel Advance
VEN QUOT Quote From Vendor