Business Extra Airline Vouchers

The American Airlines Business Extra awards program provides benefits to the University for all travel booked using our Business Extra account number. These awards are utilized to offset the cost of certain flights, as outlined in this document.

How the University Earns Reward Points
Travel is booked using the University’s unique Business Extra account number (506943). Baylor earns award points based on the mileage for each trip booked under this number.

Award Usage
Awards may be used:

  1. When the cost of airfare is prohibitive (over $1,000).
  2. When a department is forced to make unplanned, or emergency travel.
  3. For one business class upgrade on “long-haul” international flights (one voucher per trip).

Awards may not be used:

  1. For regularly scheduled and budgeted travel.
  2. For upgrades on domestic flights.

Requesting Awards
To request award vouchers, please use the American Airlines Travel Voucher Request Form, found here.

Program Administration Processes
Baylor's Business Extra program is managed by the designated program manager in Procurement Services.

  1. Program Manager is responsible for utilizing available points on an as-needed (and as-requested) basis.
  2. All award requests must reference appropriate approvals.
  3. Expiring award points shall be redeemed on an annual basis and distributed to approved travel agencies to be used on an as-needed basis.