Paying for Services and Hotels

Allowable services provided by U.S. vendors may be paid for using the P-card. Services which require signed, contractual agreements must be submitted and approved in Total Contract Manager (TCM) before making the purchase and the contract number must be referenced in the transaction notes in PaymentNet.  

There is one exception:

  • Payments for services, including rentals, licenses, software, conference registration fees, membership fees and maintenance agreements, from a vendor with a foreign address or from a vendor located in the United States if the vendor is not a U.S. payee. Such payments should be coordinated and processed through the Accounts Payable Office and paid by vouchers.

Baylor-Owned Vehicles

Payments for routine maintenance for Baylor-owned vehicles are also now allowed on the P-card. Please include the year, make, model and VIN of the Baylor-owned vehicle in the transaction notes.

For more information regarding the unauthorized use of the P-card, please see:

For more information about appropriate account codes, please see:

Paying For Hotels - University Guests Only

New County Tax on Hotel Rooms: As of August 1, 2017, McLennan County has imposed a 2.000% tax on hotel rooms. Baylor will not be exempt from this tax.

Effective January 1, 2015, the P-card may be used to pay for charges to hotels. Such charges may be for guests on official University business or candidates for approved faculty/staff positions. When using the P-card for hotel charges, cardholders are responsible for following the Purchasing Card policies.

Hotel charges for Baylor faculty/staff are not allowed on the P-card and should be paid by the employee and reimbursed via submittal of an online expense report. Faculty and staff are responsible for following the Travel and Entertainment polices.