Furniture Standards

Baylor University Furniture Standards are the approved guidelines for all new applicable furniture installation projects or requests as documented by Baylor University - Facility, Planning and Construction Services and Procurement Services.

Furniture Selection

Furniture selection is based upon a “level” system that is predetermined by the position held by the Purchaser (user). This level system is comprised of both a furniture mix and finish type which corresponds directly to the University’s appropriate standard square footage allotment per workspace. The University highly recommends compliance with the level system and the guidelines contained within.

Finish and fabric selections, including laminate, wood veneer, metal, hardware, product colors and stains, fabric type and selection are predetermined by the standards specifications and cannot be altered. Any request for alterations from the predetermined specifications will need to be reviewed and approved by Facility, Planning and Construction Services.

Facility, Planning and Construction Services and/or Procurement Services reserve the right to accept or deny any requested alterations to the Baylor University Furniture Standards.

Purchasing Guidelines

All pricing noted within this standards package is available and based upon state contracted pricing. Since all furniture is available on TXMAS pricing, it is not a requirement to obtain three bids for each furniture order.

Pricing is based on approximate cost from the manufacturer’s price listing and Dealers’ estimates. Pricing does not include delivery and installation costs. These costs can vary greatly depending on Dealer location. All pricing is subject to change.