Toner Solicitation

Both Copy Services and Procurement Services, have agreements in place that address the purchasing of toner replacement cartridges for your departmental copier and printer.


Under our Copy Services agreement with IKON, departments do not pay for copier supplies including staples and toner. For printer supplies, including paper and toner, the approved vendor is Staples Business Advantage. If you have questions concerning your copier or printer supplies, you may contact the HELP desk at extension 4357.


If you feel that you have received a phone call from a vendor other than IKON or Staples for toner cartridges or if you have any questions regarding copier or printer toner cartridges, please contact Angie McGregor for copier supply purchases at extension 4882 or by email at For printer supply purchases, please contact Candy Bradley at extension 8865 or by email at

See Toner Solicitation Memo.