Gas & Specialty Products


Baylor University has entered into agreements with two providers (Praxair Distribution, Inc. and Matheson Tri-Gas) to supply the University’s requirements for gas cylinders, liquid dewars, and bulk liquid nitrogen.

Agreements / Products

  • Baylor’s Product Supply Agreement with Praxair Distribution currently includes eighteen (18) gas cylinder products and three (3) liquid dewar products that are commonly used by the Science Departments. Other products may be added as the need arises.
  • The Praxair agreement was competitively bid by National IPA, a group purchasing organization, of which Baylor is a member. National IPA maintains the core contract with Praxair; passes through negotiated terms and conditions; and provides related supportive services to Baylor.

  • Baylor’s Letter of Agreement with Matheson Tri-Gas is for bulk liquid nitrogen which is held and distributed from a 3000-gallon tank on site at the Baylor Science Building.


  • The Baylor user does not need to obtain competitive bids for product orders.
  • Low product costs based on consortium pricing.
  • One day lead-time for most products.
  • Price protection and fixed caps on justifiable increases during the life of the agreements.
  • Emergency deliveries available 24/7 including holidays.