Off-Campus Catering

Baylor University has approved Off-Campus catering merchants to meet your catering needs.  Only events that are held on campus or a location that is owned by Baylor are allowed. Transaction notes must include the campus location of the event. Using the P-Card for a sit-down meal at a restaurant is prohibited. Although Aramark Baylor Univ Catering still remains the preferred provider of all food and beverages for the campus community, approved off-campus caterers may be used. Cardholders will also have the option to pick up or have food delivered.

The Purchasing Card will be the payment settlement for all transactions after the event has occurred. Before contacting Aramark to place your catering order, please have your Purchasing Card information available.

Important Note: Only approved merchants are allowed on the Purchasing Card and are subject to change on a monthly basis. For a complete and current listing of approved off-campus caterers, please visit Institutional Events.

Please review the policy guidelines below:

  • All transactions will be charged after the catered event has occurred. No pre-payment will be allowed. Cardholders will contact the merchant and provide their credit card information upon receipt of their invoice.
  • Most posted transactions will automatically default to account code #9342 - Guests and Entertainment; however, this account code may be changed upon review in PaymentNet.
  • Event transactions between $10,000 - $24,999 will be allowed with submittal of the P-Card Increase Form by the department Key Budget Contact.
  • Event transactions greater than $24,999 will need to be processed via Requisition.