Review Transaction & Enter Notes

JPMorgan will send daily email notifications when transactions(s) need to be reviewed. Also, the Card Program Manger will send bi-monthly emails with reporting instructions. The Cardholder is to review, add notes, verify Department/Project ID and account code, and check the "Reviewed" box for EACH TRANSACTION posted to their card.

Go to PaymentNet.

  • Select Transactions > Manage to view a list of transactions.
  • Click on the transaction to review.
  • Select the Dept ID from the drop down if applicable. If allocating to a Proj ID#, select Proj ID from the drop down.
  • Change the Account and enter Program Code and Proj ID as applicable. If you do not allocate to a Proj ID, leave Dept ID as default.
  • Enter required Transaction Notes that include: what was bought, for who and/or what purpose, location/dates of conference if registration fees, time period for membership fee.
  • Click Reviewed checkbox.
  • Click Save.

You may navigate to the next transaction by utilizing the Previous and Next buttons in the upper right hand corner.

Transaction Detail - Addendum for Purchase
Some transactions may display this icon Addendum Symbolthat links to an addendum for the purchase. If the vendor provides purchase details, you can view this information by clicking on the icon.

Recoding a Transaction
If you need to recode a transaction to a Dept Id/Proj Id that you do not have access to, have the Department Manager email their approval to add the ID to your access. After you have completed the recode, it will be removed and all will be notified.