Gasoline Credit Cards


The Voyager Fleet Card was established to provide a more efficient and cost-effective method for purchasing and paying for gasoline for University owned vehicles. The Voyager card is not to be used for personal vehicles. This program replaces the traditional gasoline company issued credit cards and provides the convenience of maintaining one card rather than multiple fuel cards.

Receiving a Voyager Fleet Card

Department heads and/or their departmental administrator designee may request a Voyager Fleet Card via an e-mail to Please provide information and answers to the following:

  1. Department name, contact name, phone extension, and Baylor mailing address.
  2. Will use of the card include any personal or commute mileage? This is very important because it impacts the account number the card will be opened under. Cards that include personal use are subject to Federal Excise Tax.
  3. Will the card be designated to a particular vehicle? (If yes, provide make, model, year, VIN#, and License).
  4. Will the card be designated to a particular driver? (If yes, provide name).
  5. After this information is provided, the card will be ordered by Procurement Services. When received, an e-mail notice will be sent to the department so the card can be picked up.  New cards normally arrive within 7 days. 

An e-mail will be sent to the departmental administrator providing the PIN (Personal Identification Number). It is the responsibility of the department and individual users of the card to keep the PIN secure.

How to use the Voyager Fleet Card

  1. If the gas station has island terminals located at the pump, you may use your Voyager Fleet Card at the pump. If there are no island pump terminals, see the attendant inside to process your transaction.
  2. Swipe your card at the island pump terminal.
  3. If the pump terminal requires you to choose either "credit" or "debit", press the "credit" key.
  4. The terminal will then prompt for a PIN. All cards are established with a PIN that is provided to your departmental contact.
  5. For cards designated to a vehicle, you will then be prompted for an odometer reading. Enter your odometer reading as a whole number, omitting the tenths digit.
  6. If the sale is processed manually, write the PIN and odometer reading on the ticket.
  7. Gasoline receipts must be turned in to your departmental business manager as soon as possible after each purchase. The initials of the driver are to be written on the receipt.
  • Note: If the terminal at the pump is not reading the card, see the attendant. If the attendant has any questions or concerns with the processing of the Voyager Fleet Card, present the attendant with the telephone number on the back of the Voyager card for assistance in processing the transaction.

    These are general instructions. All terminals are different and may require the information be entered in a different order. Simply follow the instructions at the terminal to process your transaction.

Responsibilities of Having a Voyager Fleet Card

Participation in the Voyager Gas Card Program is a convenience that also carries cardholder responsibilities. Gasoline cards are considered University property and should be used only for University business.

Established procedures for the use of the Voyager Card must be followed. Failure to do so may result in either revocation of card privileges or other discipliinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Voyager transactions are subject to periodic audits by the Procurement Services Office and/or the Office of Internal Audit

Storing the Voyager Fleet Card

Please be sure to store the Voyager Fleet Card in a secure location where the card is not exposed to elements that might damage the magnetic strip located on the back of the card. This includes storing the Voyager Fleet Card with other credit cards (there is a possibility that this might demagnetize the card), excessive heat which can melt the card, or in an open area where an object might scratch the magnetic strip on the card. Merchant Acceptance

Voyager Fleet Cards are currently accepted at more than 200,000 sites. Please see the following link for a detailed listing of participating national and regional brands, along with independent stations in Texas. Voyager Acceptance and Locations.

Payment of the Voyager Fleet Card

Accounts Payable will send a monthly statement to the department, identifying all transactions for the month, for approval.

Lost or Stolen Voyager Fleet Card

Lost or stolen cards should be reported to 800-987-6591.

Procurement Services Contact

Tom Hoffmeyer
Phone: 710-8630