Unauthorized Use

The P-Card SHALL NOT be used for the following:

  • Expenses that occur in the next fiscal year (for example: conference registration fees and deposits that need to be paid before May 31, but the event occurs after June 1)
  • Software purchases that are not approved by ITS
  • Purchases which contain a contribution component, (for example, purchases made through Amazon Smile)
  • Individual social and merchant memberships which include a potential personal Cardholder benefit, (for example, Baylor Club, Sam’s Club, Amazon Prime, or LinkedIn memberships)
  • Capital Equipment (single item costing $5,000 or greater)
  • Gifts to students. Gifts to students may have an unintended effect on their financial aid
  • Gift cards
  • Personal purchases
  • Non-University purchases (purchases made with the intention of reimbursing the University)
  • Cash advances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel related expenses (except group travel or domestic conference registrations)
  • Guests & entertainment (except for catering orders through CaterTrax and approved Off Campus Caterers including other expenses listed on the Accounting Code Reference Guide.
  • Payments for services, including rentals, licenses and software, conference registration fees, membership fees, and maintenance agreements, from a vendor with a foreign address or from a vendor located in the United States if the vendor is not a U.S. payee.
  • Payments to a vendor in a boycotting country listed below: Iraq
    Saudi Arabia
    United Arab Emirates
    Republic of Yemen
  • Gasoline
  • Printing projects that exceed $10,000. To review the Printing Procurement purchasing policy and a list of Baylor approved print providers, visit Printing Procurement
  • Copiers, copier parts, and copier consumables (University-wide contracts exist for these items)
  • Office telephones and cellular phones (office telephones are allowed under direction of Telephone Services)
  • Purchases exceeding spending limits
  • Split purchases to circumvent spending limits
  • For additional Disallowed Purchases please review the Purchasing Manual.

A cardholder making unauthorized purchases or carelessly using the P-Card may be liable for the total dollar amount of such unauthorized purchases plus any administrative fees charged by JP Morgan in connection with the misuse. The cardholder may also be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.