Scams & Lost or Stolen Cards

Suspicious Emails

ITS has spotted a significant uptick in scam email messages that appear to come from the cardholder’s supervisor or another individual in a leadership position. The wording on the message changes, but it typically includes that the sender is in a meeting and cannot talk on the phone but needs the cardholder to purchase gift cards (iTunes, Steam, etc.) in varying amounts & then sending the codes or images from the backs of the cards via email to the scammer. Please note that gift cards are unauthorized purchases on the Purchasing Card.

If a suspicious email is received, always check the sender’s full email address before responding. In all instances, the displayed name has not matched the email address and none of these types of scam emails have originated from a email account (most have been Gmail or another free email provider).

Cardholders will need to forward any of the scam emails to so that the sender’s address can be blocked from campus. For questions, please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk at extension 4357 and always inform the Purchasing Office.

Phone Solicitors Selling Toner Replacement Cartridges

Please be aware that cardholders may receive calls selling toner replacement cartridges for their departmental copier and printer. Under our Copy Services agreement with IKON, departments do not pay for copier supplies including staples and toner. Cardholders who have provided their credit card information will need to report this scam to JPMorgan and the Purchasing Office.  For more information, please visit: Toner Solicitation.

Lost or Stolen

If a Purchasing Card is lost or stolen the cardholder should follow the instuctions below:

  • Immediately notify JPMorgan at 1-800-270-7760 during a normal workday.
  • If calling after 5 p.m. or on a weekend, then notify the Card Manager on the next workday.
  • A new Purchasing Card shall be promptly issued after the reported loss or theft. Most replacement cards take 7-10 days for normal delivery. If the Cardholder needs the card rushed for next day delivery, request that the bank representative rush the card without the fee of $25.00
Cardholders who have an online account with Staples, will need to update the expiration date on their account by following the instructions below:
  1. Log on to the Staples Business Advantage website
  2. Click on the My Account tab at the top right
  3. Click on Edit My Profile
  4. Click on the Credit Card link
  5. Update fields and click Save
A card that is subsequently found by the Cardholder after being reported lost or stolen shall be shredded.

Compromised Card

If there is a suspicious transaction on an account, the Cardholder should immediately notify JPMorgan by calling the # on the back of the card. If JPMorgan identifies a suspicious charge they will contact the Cardholder by phone or send an email to confirm a fraudulent transaction(s) on the account and issue a new card. If the Cardholder cannot wait for normal delivery of 7-10 working days, request the card be mailed rush without the $25 fee.

Compromised cards require additional follow up. Once the transaction has been verified with JPMorgan, they will fax a Fraud Affidavit to complete and fax back. Allow 7-10 days for receipt of the Affidavit. JPMorgan will start the investigation and apply a credit(s) to the new account. All transactions will be transferred to the new account. Transaction notes will need to be entered as required on all transactions and should read "Fraud Charge - JPMorgan is investigating". Transaction notes for the credit should read "Credit for fraud charge". The Cardholder is responsible for confirming that the credit has been credited in PaymentNet and to their budget.