Handling Problems, Disputes and Declined Charges


  • The Cardholder should contact the supplier for items that are not satisfactory (damaged, defective, a duplicate order, etc.) to explain the problem and inquire about return policies. If the Cardholder is unable to resolve the situation, he/she should contact the Card Program Manager for assistance
  • The Cardholder should verify that credit is reflected on the Memo Statement for credit vouchers and items returned.
  • The Cardholder should contact the supplier to dispute a charge and resolve the difference. If resolution cannot be achieved, contact the Card Program Manager for assistance.
  • The Cardholder should retain the appropriate transaction documentation until it appears on the Memo Statement. If the purchase or credit does not appear on the statement within 30 days after the date of purchase, the Cardholder or Approving Supervisor should notify JPMorgan Customer Service at 1-800-270-7760.


Disputing a charge in PaymentNet should only be done as a last resort. Action must be taken within 60 days of the transaction.

  1. Select Transactions>Manage
  2. On the Transaction List screen, click the transaction you want to dispute.
  3. On the Transaction Detail screen, click Dispute
  4. Confirm your E-mail Address
  5. Select the Dispute Reason from the drop-down list. The system refreshes and might require additional field input.
  6. Enter any additional information, if necessary
  7. 7. Click Submit
  8. Declined Charges

    If your transaction is declined, follow the steps below to identiy the reason for the decline.

    1. On the,Home page, click on Transactions>Authorization/Declines
    2. Click on your name to view the Authorizations, Declines and reason for the decline. Approved transactions are those that have not yet posted.
    3. Contact the Card Program Manager with questions on the reason codes.