Purchase Limits

Important Note:

Capital Expenditures - Single items costing $5,000 or greater are not allowed on the P-Card. The purchaser must submit a Requisition for these expenditures.


< $10,000 (Sponsored or Non-Sponsored Project Expenditures)

  • For purchases less than $10,000, the purchaser, using a Purchasing Card, will award an order to the supplier.

  • While quote documentation is not required for purchases less than $10,000, the purchaser is expected to exercise good stewardship of University funds and determine that the selected supplier is competitive with other suppliers offering similar goods. Single purchases split into multiple transactions to circumvent spending limits are prohibited.
Monthly Limit - $30,000 (for total monthly purchases)

Daily Transaction Limit - The number of daily transactions is not to exceed 20 transactions

Budget - Purchases should not exceed budget limitations

P-Card Limit Increases for Technology Purchases - The P-Card Increase Form should be used for approved purchases between $10,000 and $24,999 to purchase technology via Baylor's Preferred Providers. Please read over the Technology Purchasing Policy and then fill out the P-Card Increase Form.