Approving Supervisor - The person responsible for reviewing, approving, signing and dating the Cardholder's Monthly Baylor Transaction Detail (BTD) report.

Cardholder - Personnel who have been issued credit cards and are authorized to make purchases in accordance with these procedures.

Memo Statement - The listing of all transactions for the current cycle, which is printed monthly by the Cardholder and reviewed by the Approving Supervisor.

Card Program Manager - The person in the University's Purchasing Office who is responsible for program details, including Cardholder inquiries.

Purchasing Limits
Purchases < $10,000 (Non-Sponsored Project Expenditures)
Purchases < $3,000 (Sponsored Project Expenditures)
Monthly Limit - $30,000 (for total monthly purchases)
In addition, purchases should not exceed budget limitations. Single purchases split into multiple transactions to circumvent spending limits is prohibited.

Supplier - A company from which a Cardholder is purchasing goods under the provisions of these procedures.

Baylor Transaction Detail (BTD) report - The listing of current transactions made on the Purchasing Card within one billing cycle, which is reviewed, signed and dated by the Cardholder and Approving Supervisor.

Transaction Notes - Detailed information relating to a purchasing transaction that includes what was bought, for whom and/or what purpose, location/dates of conference if registration fees, time period for membership fees, etc. A requirement for every transaction posted to the Purchasing Card.