Purchasers in any organization have ethical obligations. At Baylor, purchasers are required to adhere to a professional code of conduct that requires they:

Act as Baylor's Agent - Consider Baylor's interest in all transactions. Purchasers must accept and carry out Baylor's established policies insofar as they are consistent with ethical standards of business conduct and applicable laws and obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure in an open and competitive manner while treating all suppliers courteously, fairly, and without bias or prejudice.

Act Ethically - Subscribe to, and work for, honesty and truth in buying and selling and denounce all forms and manifestations of commercial and government gratuities. Purchasers must not become involved in any situation that results in a conflict of interest or sense of personal obligation to any supplier.

Act with Integrity - Respect, honor, and enforce Baylor's obligations to its suppliers and ensure that suppliers' obligations to Baylor are honored and consistent with good business practice.

Due to the fiduciary responsibility entrusted them by Baylor, Baylor's purchasers are held individually accountable for adhering to this code and ensuring documentation is filed demonstrating this compliance for every purchasing transaction. In addition, they must comply with the University's Conflict of Interest Policy.

University funds are to be used only for University business-related purchases. For a description refer to "Disallowed Purchases".