Contracts for Services

There are two categories of general services contracts:
1. General Services < $10,000 - General services contracts from $0 to $10,000 do not have to be sent to the General Counsel's Office for review, but the department is responsible for reviewing Contract Policy & Procedures and the Substantive Checklist to ensure the contract is sufficient and does not create unintended liabilities.

2. General Services $10,000 and > (or other contracts submitted to General Counsel for review)- General services contracts $10,000 and > must be submitted to the General Counsel's Office for review after the department has reviewed and coordinated the contract using the Contract Policy & Procedures, Substantive Checklist, Contract Execution Coversheet, and Contract Procedural Worksheet.

- All contracts for services, not covered by a general University contract, must be initiated by an on-line Requisition and a draft contract. The Requisition and draft contract must be reviewed and approved in accordance with the Signature Authorization Form. If the contract is $10,000 or greater, the department purchaser will submit the draft contract to the General Counsel's Office for review. After the contract is approved, the department purchaser will prepare an on-line Requisition and forward a copy of the approved contract signed by Baylor's signing authority to the Procurement Services Office. The copy of the contract must reference the Requisition number. A requisition for $24,999 or greater should have a comment that documents that the contract has been reviewed by the General Counsel's Office and approved by (indicate Vice President's name). Upon approval of the Requisition, the Procurement Services Office will issue a Purchase Order.

Signature & Approval - All contracts must be approved and signed by the appropriate Vice President or other individuals designated by the President and Board of Regents in accordance with the Resolution of the Baylor University Board of Regents Authorizing Certain Individuals to Execute Documents On Behalf of the University.

Contract Copy Disbursement - Once a contract has been approved, finalized, and signed by Baylor, an original of the contract should be sent to the supplier. When the contract is fully executed and both parties signatures are obtained, a copy of the contract should be sent to Procurement Services & Accounts Payable and the University's original forwarded to the University's Central Information Files (CIF) in the Controller's Office, One Bear Place #97043, Suite 670, Robinson Tower, Campus. See Contract Procedural Worksheet for further distribution of executed contract copies.

Payment - The department purchaser must ensure that all services are performed satisfactorily according to the terms of the contract. Upon receipt of the invoices(s), the department purchaser must obtain approval according to the Signature Authorization Form and forward the approved invoice(s) to the Accounts Payable Office.

Sponsored Project Considerations - When a contract for services is for a sponsored project, the terms of the applicable contract or grant will take precedence over this contract for services policy if the terms are more stringent. It is the responsibility of the project director (director of an activity that is funded by extramural funding) to be aware of and in compliance with the specific contract or grant requirements.

There will be no exceptions to this policy. It is a violation of Baylor policy to split individual contracts into multiple smaller contracts for the purpose of circumventing this policy.