Vehicle Rentals


  • A rental vehicle should be used only if the cost is less expensive than reimbursing the traveler for personal vehicle use or if a Baylor-owned fleet vehicle is not available.
  • Only Baylor Approved Drivers are authorized to drive a Baylor-owned, leased, or loaned vehicle (see Driving for Baylor for more information).

Preferred Rental Vehicle Service Providers


   Travel in the United States

  • Collision Damage Coverage (DW/CDW/LDW) is provided at no additional charge for all business rentals
  • Liability Coverage is provided at no additional charge for all business rentals.
  • Optional Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is not required.
  • Traveler may wish to purchase optional Personal Effects Cargo (PEC) coverage. PEC benefits apply to personal effects belonging to the vehicle renter.
  • Optional Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) is not required.
  • If travel is personal in nature, the traveler may wish to purchase optional insurance coverage (DW, PAI, PEC, or SLP).

 Travel in Foreign Countries

  • Traveler must purchase the maximum limits required by law in the country where travel is to take place for physical damage and liability. For more information on international travel, visit the International Travel link at the Center for Global Engagement website.

Additional Resource Information

For additional information about automobile insurance coverage and related information, call the Risk Management Department at 254-710-4586 or access information at Risk Management 


If the traveler has an accident, it should be reported to Risk Management as soon as reasonably possible. The Accident can be reported by email (, telephone (254-710-4586), facsimile (254-710-6256), or mail (One Bear Place #97371). The Automobile Accident Report Form and Automobile Accident Reporting Guide can be downloaded and printed from the Risk Management website.

When traveling on University business, employees are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance for bodily injury sustained as a result of an automobile collision. However, to protect the employee and his/her estate it is essential that evidence be presented that the travel in question was University business, and evidence must exist in the University's records. A Travel Authorization Form (TAF) is one form of written documentation to confirm travel status. The TAF should be filed with the traveler's appropriate home department prior to travel, and should be retained in the department.

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