Frequenty Asked Questions

Printing Procurement FAQs

Q: Under which circumstances will Printing Procurement (PPO) assist me with my print project?
A: Since 1994, PPO has been the intermediary between Baylor constituents and print providers for all Baylor print projects. Now constituents may contact print providers directly if the print project ("Reprint or New") costs less than $10,000. Competitive bids are not necessary for jobs under $10,000.

PPO will assist you with your print orders under the following circumstances:

  • A project will be more than $10,000 and therefore requires 3 competitive bids.
  • A Baylor constituent needs consultation services about bidding or vendor recommendations.
  • A Print provider experiences lasting difficulty in obtaining payment for completed projects.
  • A Baylor constituent experiences recurring problems with their print provider.
  • A Baylor constituent requires PPO to mediate on their behalf.

Q: May I use any print provider for my print project?
It is imperative that all constituents only use Baylor approved print providers. These print providers have entered into an agreement with the University, ensuring compliance to Baylor's graphic standards. All other print providers cannot be held responsible for printing that does not comply to the University's standards. For a list of Baylor approved print providers, click here.

Q: How will I know which print providers will be competitive?
For projects less than $10,000, competitive bids are not required. Although, you may reach out to more than one print provider to find the best pricing that fits your budget. As a part of our consultation services, PPO can provide you with recommendations on a print provider that would be a good fit for your project or advise you on ways to save money.

For projects that exceed $10,000, PPO will be able to bid your project competitively, assist you in choosing a provider and supply you with bids for your TRAX Requisition backup documentation.

Q: What is the Institutional Mark and is it necessary?
The institutional mark is the official Baylor University logo. For more information, click here. In order to meet the terms of Baylor’s Graphic Standards, all print projects for the University must include the Baylor Institutional Mark.

Q: Is a proof from the print provider necessary?
Most print providers will require you to sign off on a proof before going to print. It is always a good idea to see a proof before printing. Many issues can occur in the transfer of an art file via email or due to computer and software incompatibility. We recommend you request a printed proof be sent to you and PPO for approval. A print provider cannot be held responsible if the finished product has a mistake and you did not request a proof or did not catch the mistake during the proofing stage.

Q: How long will my project take?
Smaller-scale projects typically require 5-7 business days and large-scale projects require 10 or more business days. Keep in mind, the amount of revisions made to an art file during production and to secure final approval from constituents on a proof, the more time they will need to complete the order. All these factors affect deadlines.

Q: If the print provider designed the artwork for my print project, can I get a digital copy for my files?
It's important that our print providers understand and agree that any design work produced for Baylor University is intellectual property of Baylor. This is something you want to make clear to the print provider in your correspondence before they begin design work. We highly recommend that you request a CD or files via email of a PDF and native files/elements of the design file. If the print provider goes out of business or no longer provides printing services for Baylor, you might not be able to obtain access to these files for future prints.

Q: How does delivery and billing work?
All print providers, with the exception of a few, have delivery capabilities. You will want to supply them with a physical address, building name, and a suite or office number. Be sure to request the invoice to be sent directly to you. For jobs under $10,000 we encourage you to make payment with your Baylor Purchasing Card. Any amount that exceeds $10,000 can be entered into TRAX for payment but will require documentation of 3 competitive bids.

Q: What do I do if I experience issues with the final prints, invoice or with the print provider?
We encourage you to call PPO and voice any concerns or issues you may have experienced. We will mediate on your behalf and convey any concerns to the print provider. We appreciate any feedback that you can give us.

E-commerce / Stationery Order FAQs

Q: Is the way we order business cards and other stationery items going to change?
No. The process for ordering stationery items will stay the same.

Q: How unique does my Username need to be?
Very. This site is hosted on a national server and will not recognize a new account if another person already has the Username you’ve chosen. PPO recommends using the following example (ie: Bobby_Bear3@baylor).

Q: Why do I get a 404 Error after registering my new e-commerce account?
Often this is because the login you have chosen has already been taken. Try using a login different from the old e-commerce site.

Q: May we make changes to the business card layout? (ie: shrink text or spacing)
Approved templates have been provided to the print vendor and in order to stay consistent with graphic standards, custom edits are not allowed.

Q: When can I expect my order to be shipped?
If you place your order by Monday 5 p.m., your order will arrive at Central Receiving on Friday and will be delivered the following Monday. If you need your order sooner, select the rush order option. (A rush fee will apply.)

Q: Can I receive packages off campus?
Yes. However, there will be an additional shipping fee.